Saturday, December 3, 2011

“You Owe Me Some Clothes, Mehdi!!”

Here's another success story to boost your motivation.

This one is from Ashok (27y, India) who gained 1,5" on his chest and went from size 29 pants to 32... while losing his belly fat and without even being consistent at StrongLifts 5x5. Please read his amazing story.



I am Ashok, 27 yrs old from India. I have an IT job, and has been a desk jockey for 6 years now.

I didnt lose arm wrestling to a girl. But when I was 14, I chickened out from a dare to do so to this girl from school. I grew up as a weakling; always the skinniest kid in class. I started working out around 10 years ago, when I was about 17.5 years. Split routines, machines etc, which need less to say stalled any kind of progress I was having. I used to squat, much like you. But I used to stall in 4 weeks every time and stopped working out.

But I enjoyed working out. On and off, I used to work out, like one month in a year. Nevertheless, I always lost interest.

It was difficult finding clothes for me, cos for my height, ( 5'11"), I was around 58-62kgs and was too skinny. To top that, years of alcohol and sitting gave me a belly. For years, I used to scoot off when someone took out a camera. For years, I was too shy to play soccer or go swimming cos I would have to wear shorts. I was thoroughly disappointed each time I visited my parents cos they always said I have gotten worse than last time.

Then, I discovered StrongLifts 5x5. I have never been able to do SL5x5 for more than 8 weeks for a variety of reasons which I am working hard at. Too few gyms in this part of the world let you squat and deadlift without problem. And I cant build my own gym cos I work at a city I am trying to get out of.

I am more or less regularly working out for 6 months, and managed to reach a squat of 100kg, deadlift of 117.5 kg, bench of 70 kg. Always been doing SL5x5 for 8 weeks, then break for 2 weeks and then again. I know, the only reason I am progressing only this much is because I am not doing it right. I will, soon.

Writing this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am getting married next week to my girlfriend of 7 years. Last week, watching me over the webcam, she said that I had an impressive back !! Last time when I visited my parents, they said they cant believe how better I look. Every friend who has not seen me for a few months is taken aback at my transformation, and asks me for advice. I am enjoying every bit of the new found attention.

6 months back ( I was working out for a month then) for my engagement, when the tailor measured my shoulders it was 19". Last week, it was measured for a new suit, and it was an impressive 20.5 inches. All the while, my belly has reduced, all my size 29 custom pants dont even climb up my thighs, and size 32 off the rack fits perfectly for me. In fact it gets a little tight around the thighs which I absolutely am happy about. I am no longer shy to show my legs, and people always ask how long I had been working out looking at my back.

Thanks for teaching me the following lessons.

Squats rule.All that matters for me now is how much I lift.A six pack is nothing but a fancy name for sick. I have never dieted and have a flat belly now. Eating like a horse that is.The importance of milk and eggs.For the first time I did deadlifts in my life. It took me two months to get the technique right. But it was all worth it. My back says it out loud.

My old clothes have all been suddenly rendered useless. In fact I am actually spending too much now on clothes because every two months, they get tighter around shoulders and lats and thighs. Am I loving it or not ?? He he he, if you also wrote down a page on how to make more money to buy more clothes, that would have been great !!

Just kidding.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.



Good job Ashok. Especially since you got results without even doing StrongLifts 5x5 consistently. Just proves how powerful this training program is. As far as how to make money for clothes: get a second job. That's what I did back when I was employed as IT support, did sidejobs and sold stuff on eBay, and ended up earning more than all those corporate douchebags. No something for nothing.

If you haven’t claimed your free copy of the 5×5 report, please download it now by clicking here (…and remember to send me your success story like Ashok did so I can publish it on the blog, it will motivate all the other StrongLifters).

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