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Mar 25, Posterior Deltoid | Rear Deltoid Muscle Anatomy & Exercises

The posterior deltoid is one of the three distinct heads of the deltoid anatomy. Located on the back of the shoulder, it is typically used in tandem with the back muscles during upper body pulling exercises.

On this page, you can find all information you'd want about this shoulder muscle. Learn its anatomy, view pictures and discover the best exercises for training it.

Use the table of contents (TOC) on the right to easily navigate through this guide.

Rear deltoid (delt)Rear shoulderPosterior Deltoid


Lower lip of the posterior border of the scapular spine


Lateral portion of the humerus


External shoulder rotationShoulder extensionTransverse shoulder abductionTransverse shoulder extension^ up to TOC


Barbell Rear Delt RowBarbell Rear Delt RaiseBarbell Lying Rear Delt Row


Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral RaiseDumbbell Seated Rear Lateral RaiseDumbbell Lying Rear Lateral RaiseDumbbell Lying Rear Delt RowDumbbell Lying Rear Delt RaiseDumbbell Rear Delt Row


Face PullsCable Rear Lateral RaiseCable Rear Delt RowCable Rear Delt PullCable Standing Cross Arm Pull

Body Weight


Machine Seated Rear Delt RowMachine Seated Rear Lateral FlyMachine Seated Rear Lateral FlyMachine Lying Real Lateral Raise


Manual Resistance Rear Deltoid StretchFixed Bar Rear Deltoid Stretch^ up to TOC

^ up to TOC

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