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Mar 27, Anterior Deltoid | Front Deltoid Muscle Anatomy & Exercises

The anterior deltoid is the frontmost of the three deltoid muscle heads.

This part of the deltoid gets worked hard during all upper body compound pushing exercise. It is for this reason that it is usually unnecessary, even counterproductive, to train this muscle with isolation movements.

On this page, you can find all information you'd want about this muscle. Learn its anatomy, view pictures and discover the best exercises for training it.

Use the table of contents (TOC) on the right to easily navigate through this guide.

Front ShoulderFront Deltoid (delt)Anterior Deltoid


Anterior lateral third of the clavicle


Lateral portion of the humerus


Internal shoulder rotationShoulder abductionShoulder flexionTransverse shoulder flexion^ up to TOC




Cable Military PressCable Shoulder PressCable Behind Neck PressCable Front RaisesCable Twisting Overhead Press

Body Weight


Machine Military PressMachine Reclined Shoulder PressMachine Behind Neck PressMachine Shoulder Press


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