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May 28, 300 lbs Ex-Powerlifter: I Need to Lose Weight! Cardio on MYx8? | MYx8 Q&A

Question: Hi Alex. I just started doing your MYx8 Routine. Today is day 3 for me. I'm a former powerlifter and I competed during high school and into college. However, I have not been steadily going to the gym for almost years. I found your workout and think it will be a great start to getting back in the gym. I am a police officer and am looking to switch departments, this is my motivation for going back to gym. That and I'm 28 years old and weighed myself at just short of 300 lbs. I am pushing myself everyday. I have an obstacle course which involves clearing a 3 ft. hurdle and a 5 ft. wall, running for 100 yards, climbing through a 4 ft. window and then running the 100 yards back to the beginning. I should have been taking better care of myself prior to this point, but now I have a goal. I will be performing the course at the beginning of July, just over a month away. I am curious if you have any suggestions that would help me achieve this. I am trying to lose weight quickly for it, but don't want to do it in an unhealthy manner. Is it ok to do cardio everyday with your MYx8 routine? I have been doing cardio everyday (except yesterday) and following your routine since Thursday of last week. I am trying to change my life and make myself healthier and stronger. I am using Nano Vapor Hardcore prior to workouts and post-workout protein shakes.

I appreciate any help that you can give me!!

– David

Answer: David, I'm glad to hear you're so motivated. Goals are a prerequisite to motivation, which in turn leads to success. Without goals, people tend to flounder around aimlessly and see stagnation or regression. However, I can tell you're ahead of the game and on the road to progress because of your precise direction and obvious dedication to changing for the better...

...Of course, you probably knew all that. But I just wanted to say it because it's refreshing to help someone with a genuine desire to change, and who is seeking an intelligent and healthy approach (as opposed to a superficial "quick-fix" solution, which only leads to temporary and sloppy results).

That said, I'll start off with question on cardio: "Is it ok to do cardio everyday with your MYx8 routine?"

And the answer is... No. Your body needs time to rest and recover. You should have at least two off-days per week. That means two complete days where you do no lifting and no cardio whatsoever (preferably, two consecutive days).

I realize that taking time off may make it seem like you're missing out on making progress. Trust me, I know the feeling of wanting to be in the gym every day. But the fact of the matter is that if you don't take these days off, you'll end up slowing your fat loss and losing too much muscle mass and strength. As the saying goes, "less is more."

As for how allocate your cardio sessions during the week, I recommend doing two higher intensity session between weight training sessions (e.g. if you're lifting on a M/W/F schedule, then do these cardio sessions on T/TH). Assuming you choose to do 3 other days of cardio (although you can do less if desired), you should do them on your weight training days. However, these should be done at a relatively low level of intensity compared to your other cardio sessions, so as to avoid messing up your recovery. And if it's possible, try doing these low-intensity bouts of cardio at some time after your weight training sessions; thus preventing any interference with your strength on lifts.

Also, based on your message, I wasn?t sure if you actually had access to the obstacle course or not. If you do, then I urge you to use that frequently as part of your cardio sessions, if you're not already doing so. This would immensely improve your chances of passing the test, by reinforcing your aptitude of the specific tasks through repetition.

As long as you feel that the Nano Vapor Hardcore is helping you during workouts, and is worth the price, then that's fine. I've only tried Nano Vapor a couple of times because I got some free samples several months ago. I don't remember any specifics of my experience, but I can recall that it was a positive experience.

You also mentioned that you have a post-workout shake, which I'm assuming is whey protein and some type of carbohydrate source. That's great, so keep up with that. I'll note, though, that there is a misleading dogmatic attitude online that you absolutely need a shake with fast digesting protein and fast digesting carbs (i.e. whey protein and dextrose/high-GI carbs). But the fact of the matter is that you don?t necessarily have to have either of these. You can get the same results with whole foods if you so choose.

That said, I always drink post-workout shake whey protein and some kind of mixable carbohydrate source (e.g. dextrose, maltodextrine, honey, Gatorade, etc.). Why? Because it's convenient and it's easy to drink if you've got an uneasy stomach after an intense workout. Plus, it's a very cost-effective option.

Read more on weight lifting supplements. Just remember, supplements and post-workout nutrition are only a small part of your overall diet plan. And this brings me to my next point...

...If you truly wish to begin transforming your body, it's doesn?t matter if you train like a beast on a top-notch program, or if you're taking the best supplement stack to mankind. That stuff, by itself, is not enough. The #1 factor that separates successes from failures is diet. You MUST take the time to make a smart diet plan, and then consistently adhere to it.

I'm stressing importance of nutrition, not only because it really is so crucial, but also you do didn't mention anything about your diet in your question. So in case you haven't already set this up, I'll push you in the right direction.

First off, you need to read up on how to create a bodybuilding diet plan. As you'll see in that article, there are two basic types of diets. One for bulking (gaining muscle) and one for cutting (losing fat). So obviously you're going to want to follow the cutting diet guidelines.

Setting up your diet plan might seem a bit confusing, at least to begin with. But to make it simple, realize that by far the two most important things to focus on are: Figure out how many calories per day you need to lose weight. A good starting point for the average person is to multiply your bodyweight in lbs X 13 calories/lb. However, since you inferred that your body fat percentage is significantly higher than the average, you may want to start out by multiplying your weight by 12 or 11 (e.g. 300 lbs X 12 calories/lb = 3600 calories per day.Figure out how many grams of protein to eat per day. The rule of thumb is to multiply your bodyweight in lbs by 1.0-1.5 grams/lb. Since you have a significant amount of body fat, it would be more accurate for you to multiply your bodyweight by about 1.0 grams/lb (e.g. 300 lbs X 1.0 grams/lb = 300 grams of protein per day). I don't recommend using 1.5 grams/lb, because protein is only needed for your lean body mass (i.e. not fat mass).My only other advice is to get plenty of sleep each night (i.e. 7-9 hours), and to drink plenty of water each day (i.e. about 1 gallon).

As long as you keep up your dedication and positive attitude, there's no doubt that you'll reach your goals and then some.

Keep lifting hard,

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